about us

At The Core Pilates + Barre Studio in Marble Falls, TX our mission is to provide the highest quality of instruction for our clients in a non-intimidating, relaxed environment; helping our clients reach new levels of strength and flexibility.

about pilates

Pilates is more than exercise, it is a mind and body experience. Developed over 80 years ago by Joseph H. Pilates, the method can be performed on various pieces of apparatus including the Cadillac, Step Barrel, Reformer, Wunda Chair or simply on a mat. The emphasis of the work starts with a strong, balanced and stable core. The core is an intricate unit of muscles that work together to create a more efficient foundation from which our movement originates. Often, we overuse or underuse muscles of the core, creating imbalances that can eventually lead to poor posture, tension, injury, and limited mobility.

Through your pilates training, you will become more aware of how your body feels and moves. Pilates is a full body workout, incorporating all of the Pilates Principles(breath, control, concentration, centering, precision, and flow) into each and every exercise. Flexibility, increased range of motion, improved posture, better circulation, increased core strength, and your overall appearance are just a few of the many benefits Pilates offers. Everyone has his or her own challenges because no two bodies or minds are the same. Pilates is for everybody- young, old, injured, man, woman, child, ill, fit, overweight, athletic, strong.